Development Writing

Are you a non-profit organization, corporation or company looking to create custom, printed tools for your clients, supporters or community?

Would you like a simple solution to work with writers and publishers to produce a quality book or booklet for marketing, training or fundraising purposes?

At Creative Force Press, we can help! We work with companies and organizations to develop educational, inspirational and/or informative “reach tools” (books and booklets). If you are looking for non-profit consultant writers or development writers for organizations, companies and corporations, we have solutions to serve you.

We specialize in taking your need and vision, and creating a corresponding book or booklet to serve your purposes. We can create content for written pieces, and produce them to your specifications. Whether it’s highlighting your cause, teaching or training, encouraging constituents, or letting your community know how they can get involved, “reach tools” are highly valuable. And affordable!

Examples of Non-Profit Projects:

1. An inner-city 501(c)(3) serves low-income, pregnant women who have nowhere to turn. This population tends to be less educated about healthy pregnancy advice, local resources available, supplies needed and care tips for newborns. The non-profit decides to create a helpful and educational, 17-page booklet that they can distribute from their booth at community events, hand out to women in-office and give copies to their strategic community partners (medical offices, sister organizations, clothing banks, etc.) to display. They secured two sponsors for the booklet and placed sponsor ads in it.

2. An organic farm charity exists to serve three purposes; teaching farming skills, selling locally grown organic vegetables and giving food to local food banks and shelter kitchens. They need volunteers and student workers to work the fields and corporate sponsorship money to cover costs. They decide to create a “How You Can Work With Us” booklet that describes, in detail, all the various ways community members, businesses and organizations can get involved. It includes information about purchasing harvested food, information about product and seed donations, how monetary donations are handled, details on setting up school internships, becoming an official sponsor, where food donations are delivered and when, volunteer positions available on a regular basis, board of directors, location and hours, farming methods and philosophy, etc. This booklet covers all aspects of working with them, from a customer to volunteering, and donations and sponsorship.

3. A jail ministry in Western Washington ministers to inmates, helping them find faith and hope through Bible teaching. They also have two, secondary groups they aim to serve: at-risk youth and the families of current inmates. When they do ministry on the streets and in prisons, they need a tool to place in the hands of people that will encourage, teach and bring hope. They decided to create a short book that will fit into a purse or pocket. Several churches have also agreed to purchase copies of the completed book, which will help defer printing costs.


Examples of Business Projects:

1. A children’s clothing company offers membership in their “New Mom’s Club,” and wants to mail every new mother/member an informational packet.  They would like to develop a “New Mom’s Club Helpful Hints” booklet with ideas, tips and advice from experienced moms. They need it to be full color, and 14 pages long.

2. A financial consulting corporation would like to make a 10-page book of client testimonials and stories as a part of their marketing plan. This short book will be used in several ways: At event booths, as a free, downloadable ebook online and in marketing packets for prospective clients.

3. A Napa Valley winery has decided to offer a free mini-book with every $50 wine purchase. This book will include the winery staff’s 12 favorite recipes and then show which selection of wine would go best with each meal. They will also offer this book for sale at their retail location and online through their website.


Reach Tools Project Details:

Minimum order: 400 pieces (books or booklets). Your project files will be saved and ready to print, so re-order anytime at this minimum order level!

Cost per piece: Varies per project length and size. Many can be created for under $5 per piece (substantially less for large printed quantities). Black and white interior pages offer the best rates.

Writing and editing costs: Free up to 20, finished pages (with starter content from you).

How to get started: Set up your 1-hour, $99, no obligation consultation by contacting us today.

Tip:  Secure a donor or promotional partner for your project to cover printing costs. Put their logo on the piece as a thank-you or give them a “sponsored by” mention on the back cover.

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