I am considering writing a book, but don’t know where to start. What should I do?

At Creative Force Press, we are in the process of creating a combination of educational audio files, video teachings and written information for aspiring authors. There is a lot to know about writing, publishing and selling a book, and we want this information to be available to you 24/7. Please visit our Free Author Education page to sign up for our educational teachings for authors that come via email.

If you know you’re ready to publish your book, for just $99 you can take advantage of our 1-hour Author Consultation to discuss your project needs and strategy. Whether you choose to work with us or not, this will be extremely helpful coaching for your book project process. During this hour, your project needs will be assessed, as well as giving you direction, strategies, book outline development (if needed) and ideas. If you purchase a Full Service publishing package from us, the $99 consultation fee will be applied.

Does Creative Force Press accept all authors and manuscripts?

Our authors and their work must be accepted. At Creative Force Press, we work with inspirational and educational authors that create books based on positive values. For example, authors may come to us with financial planning books, business training manuals, spiritual growth teaching, children’s books, or fictional novels. All titles published under Creative Force Press must reflect our values and principles, be ethical, inspirational, meant to improve the lives of others, and/or be uplifting. We carefully consider the messages, books and authors that our brand accepts and represents.

I think I may be able to handle some of the writing and publishing pieces of my project myself. Can I get help from Creative Force Press on a few pieces of my book project?

Yes, we offer completely customizable help for authors. However, we have quality control standards that authors will need to consider for pieces they choose to complete themselves.

When working with Creative Force Press, what does the overall process look like?

Visit our services flow page for a closer look.

I would like to work with Creative Force Press. How do I get started?

Thank you for choosing us! Step #1 will be scheduling you for your personal Author Consultation. Live in the South Puget Sound area of Western WA? We can do an in-person consultation. Live somewhere else? No matter where you live, we can do a recorded consultation via phone (recorded so you can listen again and again to shared ideas and planning pieces). Please contact us today at writeabook@creativepress.com, and let’s get started!

Special Note: At Creative Force Press, we allow all our authors to order copies of their own books without huge mark-ups like nearly all publishers tack on! 

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