Process Details

When you are publishing your book with Creative Force Press, here’s the flow of our step-by-step process:


Step 1: Author Consultation

The first step in working with Creative Force Press is to have a personal, 1-hour author consultation. During this hour, we help you with questions, generating ideas, getting clarity about your book’s message, advising you about things to think about, feasibility, what kind of assistance you may need during your process, and whatever else you would like to focus on. After your consultation and if applicable, we will move to step 2 and send you a services and pricing proposal if you are interested in publishing with us.
*Note: Authors who have consultations with us are not obligated to purchase services.

Step 2: Proposal

If you are interested in working with us, we will send you a proposal via email. This list of information will include services recommended for you, payment plan options, per-book estimated costs for printing, very detailed information on each service we provide, and anything else needed to clarify details.

Step 3: Contract & Payment

Once you approve the proposal and get any questions answered, we will create a short contract document outlining our partnership with you. Once everything is clear on the contract, your initial payment is due.

Step 4: Project Timeline

Next, based on your schedule and desired date to have your book completed, we create a project timeline. This will keep us all on track to have your book completed when you need it to be.

Step 5: Work the Timeline!

From there, we work the timeline, discussing and completing each task (submissions, editing, designs, proof copies, etc.) along the way.

Step 6: Proof Copy

When all the pieces of the project are finalized and submitted for printing, you’ll receive a proof copy of your book. Once approved, your project is complete, your book can be made available for sale immediately and you can order copies for yourself, as needed!

Step 7: Order Copies & Launch Book

If you need copies on-hand, you can order them at this point. Also, it’s time to launch your book and let the world know it’s out!

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