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Aspiring Author’s Info Class Testimonials & Feedback:

“I just signed off of your Aspiring Author’s Information Class, and it was fantastic! The stories you shared from your experiences—personal, professional and educational—inspired me to think beyond the limits of my present experience and to believe that the dreams and concepts in my heart are indeed significant and have value. For would-be authors, inspiration is just as important as instruction; and throughout the class you struck the balance between those two elements beautifully!

The thought of publishing a book, or even getting started writing one, is daunting to me and, I’m sure, to many others; but I came away from the class with the assurance that wherever I may be in that process, there are experienced, capable—and caring—professionals who are ready to work with me every step along the way.

I was delighted to learn that your unique approach to the publishing process involves combining solid expertise with hard work to preserve the original intent of your clients’ concepts and ideas—something the largest publishing companies cannot guarantee the writers they work with! No matter where a person may be in their literary journey—from the seeds of conception to publication and promotion, this class—rich with information, instruction and inspiration—has something for everyone! Thank you Creative Force Press!!” -Vickie Moller, NY

“I liked your seminar very much. You thoroughly covered every aspect of writing and publishing. What I like is that it is recorded and can be watched at a later time at someone’s convenience. There is so much material, and I’m sure that many were taking notes concerning the information relevant to them. Then, they can look at it again for details they may have missed the first time around.

I think your stories added the personal touch that viewers could relate to, sensing that with your partnership their work would receive personal attention. Every potential author is validated and important. Your voices are natural and personable and compelled me to continue listening. Thank you!” -Bella Rossiter, AZ

“I had a chance to listen to the Virtual Aspiring Author’s Info Class.  Thank you for providing me with wonderful tips, encouragement, and advice!” -Danielle Krilov-Street, NJ


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