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 Buyer Listing

Buyer Listing, by Brian Inskip

Real Estate, Sales Techniques, Business

5.5″x8.5″, 122 pages

Available Now – $12.99

Liberian Son

Liberian Son, by Joan Brown

Biography, Missionary, African Missions Work

5.5″x8.5″, 164 pages

Available Now – $15.95

Completely Unraveled

Completely Unraveled, by Nancy Dobies Duncan

Emotional Healing, Spiritual Growth, Abuse Recovery

6″x9″, 162 pages

Available Now – $15

TheNewRevolutionThe New Revolution, by Larry Backstrom

Political Change, U.S. Policy

5.5″x8.5″, 122 pages

Available Now – $12.95

SOAKSOAK, by Pastor Dave Minton

Christianity, Spiritual Growth, Bible Study, Personal Development

5.5″x8.5″, 130 pages

Available Now – $15


The Ignited EntrepreneurThe Ignited Entreprenuer, by Sheli G. and Terilee Harrison

Business, Leadership, Success, Purpose

6″x9″, 250 pages

Available Now – $17.95

Vietnam Vengeance book

Vietnam Vengeance, by Keith Kluis

Fiction, Romance, Drama, Revenge

6″x9″, 226 pages

Available Now – $16.95


Bruised but Not Broken
Bruised but Not Broken, by Sheryl Beck-Nelson

Grief & Loss, Life Purpose, Faith, Finding Joy

6″x9″, 150 pages

Available Now – $14.99


I Finally Quit bookThe ‘I Finally Quit’ Movement, by Dave “The Quitter” Ross

Overcoming Addiction, Emotional Healing, Purpose & Goals

6″x9″, 140 pages

Available Now – $14.77


Kingdom Seeker's Devotional

Kingdom Seeker’s Devotional, by Krista Dunk

44 Devotional Topics, Spiritual Growth, New Revelation
5″x8″, 100 pages

Available Now – $13.95

Hold On to Your Forks!

Hold on to Your Forks!, by Bonnie Bruce

Triumph Over Tragedy, Faith, Emotional Healing

5″x8″, 84 pages

Available Now – $11.95


Makai King

Makai King, second book in the Makai Series by Tara Fairfield

Fantasy, Young Adult Fiction, 6″x9″, 250 pages

Available Now – $14.99

by Jim StovallPoems, Quotes, and Things to Think About, by Bestselling author Jim Stovall

Life Wisdom, Success Strategies, Quotes
6″x9″, 152 pages

Available Now – $19.95

Por Segunda Vez

Por Segunda Vez, (The Second Time Around) by Pastor Joaquin Ramos

Spanish, Ministry, Restoration, Biblical Teaching

6″x9″, 150 pages
Available Now – $16.99


Rebranded, by Pastor Dave Minton

Personal Development, Faith, Emotional Healing

6″x9″, 138 pages

Available Now – $15


Dawn of a New Day book

Dawn of a New Day, by Alba McCarthy

Poetry, Inspirational, Faith

6″x9″, 108 pages

Available Now – $12.99


GPS: How to Get God’s Direction, by Pastor Dave MintonSpiritual Growth, Personal Development, Christian Living, Bible Study

5.5″x8.5″, 132 pages
Available Now – $15


Playing in the Sandbox cover

Playing in the Sandbox, by Tammy Redmon

Business, Leadership, Team Building

5.5″x8.5″, 203 pages

Available Now – $22.95


 The Shameless Life, by Terilee Harrison

Emotional Healing & Restoration

6″x9″, 116 pages

Available Now – $14.95


He Rejoices Over Me, by Nicholas J. Skula Jr.

Grief & Loss, Memorial, Inspirational

6″x9″, 154 pages

Available Now – $14.99



Letters from Liverpool

Letters from Liverpool, by Frank J. Rossiter

Historical, Missionary, Inspirational

6″x9″, 158 pages
Available Now – $14.99

FrankieBoy cover graphic

Frankie Boy: Rebel in Short Pants, by Frank J. Rossiter

Historical Fiction, Based on a True Story

6″x9″, 298 pages

Available Now – $17.95


Step Out and Take Your Place cover

Step Out and Take Your Place, by Krista Dunk

 Discover Your Gifts and Calling

6″x9″, 210 pages

Available Now – SALE: $14.99 ($17.95 retail)

Songs I Must Sing

Songs I Must Sing, by Dolly Redden

Testimony, Spiritual Wisdom

6″x9″, 96 pages

Available Now – $12.95

Pages, by Lois Williams

Pages, by Lois Williams

Biblical Poetry, Devotional, 6″x9″, 165 pages

Available Now – $14.99

Vera's cover

Treasured Moments, by Vera Ward

Devotional, Bible Study, Inspirational

5″x8″, 56 pages
Available Now – $12.95

Carrie’s Quilts: 8.5″x11″, 38 pages

Available Now – $12.95

Becoming Unique & Unstoppable: Courageous Journeys of Real Women Daring to Believe!

True Stories, Inspiration

6″x9″, 126 pages
Available Now – $20

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Upcoming Titles:

  • Restoration & Release: How to Tell Your Powerful Life Stories
  • Supernatural You: Discovering the Real, Unseen Self
  • As I Wait
  • Win-Win Net Gain
  • My Bipolar Rollercoaster: A Journey of Hope and Mental Illness

At Creative Force Press, we are particular about our authors and books. We’re looking to work with authors whose books bring value to the lives of others. For example, we accept titles that are inspirational, educational, uplifting, helpful, teach and train, offer personal development, feed a person’s soul, etc. The content could be focused on any area of life, such as business strategy, marriage, music theory, parenting, overcoming addiction, leisure fiction reading, travel, class workbooks, economy and finance, ministry manuals, personal testimonies, spiritual development, educational training, youth studies, homeschool materials, etc.

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